Mark is certified by iPEC, (The Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching) which is a fully accredited program by the International Coach Federation (ICF). As a Life and Business Coach, and a Leadership Trainer and Coach Mark is dedicated to assisting individuals and organizations achieve their highest possible level of excellence and effectiveness. Mark is a specialist in the area of human relations and interpersonal communications. He is a recognized expert coach, facilitator, educator, and motivational speaker. He uses a unique blend of instructional teaching and motivational speaking resulting in dynamic seminars focusing on the areas of interpersonal communication, personal effectiveness, goal setting, organizational change, diversity, and more. For 15 years Mark has been speaking and facilitating programs around the country and Europe on many sensitive organizational, interpersonal and personal issues, as well as coaching managers, executives, and front-line employees at some of the nation's top companies and government organizations.

Many who have attended Mark’s seminars and individual coaching sessions report having achieved several critical accomplishments in their lives from getting a promotion, changing career, or starting a business to improving or saving a failing relationship, and enhancing communication with children and family.  They also report that the results they experience are long lasting, continuing to impact their lives long after their participation with him.



"We are all born into the world radiating possibility.  The trick is to keep that song going"

          -Ben Zander
           Conductor, Boston Philharmonic

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